Union Pacific Tax Refunds

If you are a current or former employee, who was employed by Union Pacific Railroad during the years 1991 through 2017, you may be eligible to receive a refund through this program.

We’re pleased to report that a Union Pacific court win entitles many current and former UP employees to refunds of Railroad Retirement and Medicare taxes on stock awards and certain lump-sum payments for ratification of labor agreements.

Certain current and former employees who received stock compensation (e.g. Retention Shares, Retention Units, Performance Units, or from exercising stock options) and/or lump-sum bonuses paid upon ratification of labor agreements during the years 1991 through 2017 are eligible. However, not everyone who received a stock award or lump-sum ratification bonus is eligible for a refund.

It is your choice to consent to this refund. If you choose not to consent, we cannot obtain your refund. Your consent will not apply to the 0.9% Additional Medicare Tax because IRS rules do not allow us to obtain a refund of that tax for you. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website for additional information.

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Your Legal Rights and Options
Submit a Consent Form As of March 12, 2019, the deadline to submit a Consent Form has passed and we can no longer accept any new forms.
Exclude Yourself If you choose not to consent, Union Pacific cannot obtain your refund.
Do Nothing If you did not submit a Consent Form by March 12, 2019, Union Pacific cannot obtain your refund from the IRS.